February 21, 2023

February AMA Summary

February AMA Summary

Welcome to the newest development updates based on our recent AMA! We discussed some exciting news including new team members, game features, world design changes, marketplace plans, and more. Here's a summary of what we covered:

Firstly, we talked about the staking pools and the updates they have been undergoing. We hired new developers to help fix some issues and make improvements in a more optimized and cost-effective way.

Another new feature discussed was the reintroduction of the kill-for-crypto gameplay mode where players can buy-in to a game and compete with other players in a deathmatch leaderboard. Players will have a chance to earn prizes, and influencers will also participate in the tournaments for rewards.

Fracture Labs team also revealed that we'll inform the community about the items sold on the primary and secondary marketplaces, the number of items that will be created, and release new content frequently. We will have countdowns to the release of the next batch of content and plan to sell in-game items on OpenSea and SolSea.

We understand the community's concerns about the DIO token being on Solana. We are currently setting up blockchain API connections with a reputable platform that will enable multi-chain functionality on either Solana, Ethereum, and potentially more blockchains.

Lastly, we discussed the benefits of having an apartment in Decimated. You can rest your character and restore health, re-equip with ammo, armor, etc. Nicer apartments will have more space for storage, vehicles, weapons, clothes, and will look more luxurious. Branded items like vehicles and clothing with logos of some of our partners and guilds will also be available.

Watch the full AMA now ⬇️

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1732334030

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w1ixElE85TY&t=350s

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