March 03, 2023

Decimated Development News #6

Decimated Development News #6

Hello and welcome to the sixth edition of Decimated development blog!

Game World & Gameplay

Starting with the game world & gameplay, one of the major changes we have made is the addition of visual effects when driving vehicles. Players will now experience camera shake, a change in the field of view, and distortion lens effects as they traverse the game world in their vehicles. We have also added the ability for players to switch between camera views while driving, giving them more control over their gameplay experience.

In addition to these changes, we have implemented a number of debug abilities that allow developers to easily access information about the character's coordinates, control the camera, and even teleport around the game world. These features will be especially useful for testing and debugging purposes.

We have also been working on the inventory system, implementing its basic mechanics and architecture. Players will now be able to collect and carry items with them as they explore the game world.

In terms of visual improvements, we have enhanced the projectile VFX and improved the character health and respawn logic. We have also added new crouch animations for characters, making their movements more realistic and immersive.

Finally, we have fixed a number of issues related to in-game interactions and character unarmed states, ensuring a smooth and seamless gameplay experience.


Moving onto vehicles, our development team has created the Vehicle Concept Art Bible. This comprehensive document will serve as a reference guide for the design and aesthetics of all the vehicles in our game.

In addition to the Concept Art Bible, we have also created more shared models that can be customized and used for a variety of purposes. This will give players greater flexibility and creativity when designing and customizing their vehicles.

We have also made improvements to the skeleton and skeletal mesh of our vehicles, ensuring that they are more realistic and lifelike in the game world.


The Characters department has been busy working on various tasks lately. They recently finished a new set of generic outfits for both male and female characters, which are sure to add some fresh and stylish options to the game.

Additionally, they have finalized the concept designs for AI robots heads, which promises to introduce a new and exciting dimension to the game's character lineup.

If that wasn't enough, the team has also started working on a new casual outfit that will provide players with a comfortable and laid-back wardrobe option for their characters.


When it comes to apartments, we have created modular Sci-Fi style and parametric container models that can be procedurally generated in Houdini. We have also created more props such as stairs, paths, railings, windows, and balconies to add more depth and detail to the apartments.

In terms of user experience, we have made improvements across categories and navigation, as well as object placement. Now, when players move around the apartments, they will feel smoother and more sophisticated thanks to interpolation and improved camera controls.

Thank you for following our development updates. Stay tuned for more news and updates in the future.

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