Fracture Labs is an independent studio of industry veterans with previous experience working on a number of successful AAA videogames for PC, console, and mobile.

We have teams in Ukraine, Portugal, United Kingdom, Germany, Argentina, Brazil, as well as a network of freelancers from across the globe collaborating on the project. We also work with some of the best production partners in the industry for art, animation and co-development.

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Stephen Arnold
Creative Director
Ozgur Soner
Exec Producer
Anna Ivanova
Technical Director / UE5 Lead
Giu Pérez
Art Director (Environment)
Marcelo Prado
Art Director (Characters)
Adam Watts
Community Manager
Erwin Heyms
Lead Houdini Artist
Jorge Aponte
LATAM Marketing
Vlad Kuznetsov
Tech Artist
Dmytro Trushkin
Dovydas Vilimas
Alex Boiko
Lvl Designer
Artem Chaika
C++ / UE5 Programmer
Oscar Cerro Mateos
Houdini Technical Artist
Ricardo Brites
С++ / UE5 Programmer
Dmitry Yaroslavtsev
C++ / UE5 Programmer
Richard Bagnall
Concept Artist
Paul Adams
Concept Artist
Alex Tretjak
3D Artist
Nirena Gionanidi
3D Artist
Skander Bouker
Sound Design
Giovane Henriques
3D Artist
Exer Romero
3D Artist
Leonardo Martini
3D Artist
Charlie Palnoch
Graphics & Motion Designer