August 03, 2022

DIO Staking launched

DIO Staking launched

Decimated DIO Staking Launched

Decimators! Our development team has been hard at work wrapping up the release of our DIO staking platform, and we are happy to announce that the much-anticipated launch of $DIO token staking is now officially live!

Staking is an innovative way to support the project and its network operation along with earning a reward. If you are a DIO holder, you can stake it, and generate additional passive income rather than just keeping it in the wallet. Remember - the sooner you stake, the more rewards!

DIO Staking Overview

There are many different staking pools with different lock periods, the maximum being 30 days. You can stake your DIO tokens and earn returns depending on the number of tokens you stake and the time for which you stake them. By staking DIO, you can earn a variable annual percentage yield, or APR.

The current APR is determined by the total number of wallets/tokens allocated in each pool vs the total tokens available to be earned. More rewards may be added to each pool if the APR gets too low, and there will be additional staking pools with varying lock times, staking limits and rewards added in the future. Check the staking page for more details on the current active pools

Staking from the first day will bring about the highest rewards.

DIO Staking Pool Examples

Limit staked: 10,000

Unstake period time: 1 day

Rewards per day: 1,000

Limit staked: 10,000

Unstake period time: 5 day

Rewards per day: 1,000

Limit staked: 3,000,000

Lock period time: 30 days

Rewards per day: 3,000


The easiest place to buy DIO is on Raydium, where you can connect your phantom/solflare wallet and swap USDT for DIO and pay the transaction fee in SOL. If you need to obtain USDT and SOL first, you can buy them both from major cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase, Huobi and Gate. Remember that you must withdraw USDT and SOL on Solana chain to your phantom/solflare wallet, to be compatible with the DIO Staking platform.

For more information on Swapping USDT for DIO on Raydium, you can visit this link.

DIO Staking Tutorial

Not sure how to start staking DIO? Here's the full guide, step-by-step:

We are excited to see the network continue to grow as more people discover the value of participating in the DIO staking process. We encourage you to try and join in on the staking experience! If you have any questions please come by our discord and someone from the support team or community will help you get up and running.

Thank you all for your support! Happy staking!

~ Team Decimated (DIO)

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