January 26, 2022

DIO is listed on Raydium

DIO is listed on Raydium

DIO has been listed on the decentralized Solana exchange, Raydium, allowing people to buy the in-game currency with USDT directly from their Solana wallet.

To participate, simply visit the Raydium website via the direct link here, or visit raydium.io/swap/, select USDT in the first field and DIO in the second field. The token contract for DIO is BiDB55p4G3n1fGhwKFpxsokBMqgctL4qnZpDH1bVQxMD - if you manually add DIO on Raydium, always double check that you have added the correct smart contract.

If you wish to earn from your DIO holdings, you can put it in the liquidity pool in Raydium and earn interest/APY.

The official short link for the Raydium DIO swap page is https://bit.ly/DIO_Raydium2

The full link for the USDT/DIO liquidity pool is https://raydium.io/liquidity/add/?coin0=BiDB55p4G3n1fGhwKFpxsokBMqgctL4qnZpDH1bVQxMD&coin1=Es9vMFrzaCERmJfrF4H2FYD4KCoNkY11McCe8BenwNYB&fixed=coin0&ammId=AG1kioZxuXdVDKACnPoWe8ScVVkpeCm3nz9aHxBsNKBa

The full link for the USDT/DIO swap is https://raydium.io/swap/?inputCurrency=Es9vMFrzaCERmJfrF4H2FYD4KCoNkY11McCe8BenwNYB&outputCurrency=BiDB55p4G3n1fGhwKFpxsokBMqgctL4qnZpDH1bVQxMD&outputAmount=0&fixed=in

Here's a tutorial on how to buy DIO on Raydium:

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