March 17, 2023

Decimated Development News #7

Decimated Development News #7

Hello and welcome to the seventh edition of Decimated development blog!

Game World & Gameplay

The game world is expanding with exciting new updates, bringing fresh opportunities for players to explore and interact with their environment & character. With the implementation of the Inventory feature, players will now be able to manage their weapons with ease, and the ability to pick up and drop weapons adds a layer of realism to gameplay.

The Fracture Labs team has started working on terrain and road improvements, which will further enhance the gameplay environment. These updates have brought a new level of depth to the game, providing players with an even more immersive experience.


Our vehicles department added Nitro to our vehicles, (watch here: making for an even more thrilling experience. We were also working on creating new models and textures for the cargo lifter we presented to you recently and it's exterior.

Additionally, we're excited to announce that a brand new vehicle has been added to our lineup, with the team conducting successful test plays. To ensure a polished experience, we're currently in the process of refining the Vehicle Interior.


Our Characters team has been developing two new outfits for characters, which are currently in the works. We're also making progress on new 3D weapon models, and are looking forward to seeing these weapons in action against enemy players. The team has also started texturing the new Character Outfit and is modeling the high-poly model for a new handgun.


Lastly, we're proud to announce that we've created four unique materials for all the containers, making them more detailed and realistic than ever before. In addition, we've optimized extra props such as stairs and railings as well as modeled doors and windows to ensure a seamless gameplay experience.

As the last update, we're happy to say that we've created a benchmark area of the containers with the final models, which we're confident will make the game more engaging and enjoyable for our players.

We're thrilled with the progress we've made so far and can't wait to share more with you in the near future.

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