December 05, 2022

Decimated Development News #4

Decimated Development News #4

Hello, Decimators!

We are here with another development progress report, so please sit back and enjoy.

As usual, several locations in the game world have been upgraded with new assets, materials, textures, and lighting. Our team is also continuing to optimize performance, and some collision issues have been resolved.

The game play aspects received multiple new features and tweaks. First up, we added new weaponry, along with corresponding mechanics, visual and audio effects, and user interface elements. The game now supports controllers and has more extensive input options including mouse sensitivity, keyboard bindings, and so on.

We've also introduced a configurable deathmatch mode, which comes with team and scoreboard integrations. Following that, we added the death and spawn systems, as well as accompanying animations. And finally, the ability to walk has been included to expand the characters' mobility.

The character customization system now supports the ability to customize scalp hair, stubble, and facial features. New skin color materials and eye patterns were added, as well as a range of performance optimizations. The concept artwork has been expanded with a fresh set of new characters and character details.

We initiated further research to support the development of the apartments system. Currently, we are investigating procedural apartment generation in Houdini, along with improved grid snapping techniques. We were able to implement a new grid snapping algorithm and auto detection for object placement as a result of some of these efforts.

The vehicle system now supports basic acceleration and braking controls. And new models were added for a variety of vehicles, this includes a rims pack complete with meshes and textures. We also investigated and established requirements for vehicle interior development, and produced more concept art for new vehicle classes, rims, tires, headlights, and more!

The game has gone through another round of bug fixes and minor improvements, and we can't wait to share more news with you next time!

Until then, thank you for your continued support of Decimated, and please feel free to visit our Discord server and share your feedback.

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