November 22, 2022

Decimated Development News #3

Decimated Development News #3

Welcome to another development update, Decimators!

This one will commence with exciting game world changes. We added sky and weather effects, as well as new post-processing techniques and workflow. In addition, several optimizations were applied that should improve performance. And to enhance smaller areas, the lighting has been reworked. We're still fine-tuning the world's details by adding new assets, materials, textures, and lighting, and multiple locations have seen these improvements in recent weeks.

The characters now have updated shaders and materials, as well as high- and low-poly models. On the customization front, we added the ability to use a decal system to customize symbols on character costumes. Moreover, our artists worked tirelessly to develop new concept art for additional characters, outfits, and helmets.

The apartment system has been upgraded with the addition of new plant items, the ability to reset applied changes, and improved controls.

We explored suspension, engines, physical-based materials, and aerodynamics as part of our ongoing work with vehicle systems research, and we also outlined vehicle branding and the technical requirements for the vehicle decal systems. To get things started, we created several high- and low-poly models for upcoming vehicles. And as usual, a few fresh pieces of concept art are included below:

We've resolved a variety of bugs across different parts of the game and initiated regular internal play testing to aid with bug hunting.

Our community team has been hard at work on our new knowledge base portal, which already includes over 30 articles! Check it out here:

Stay tuned for more and let us know what you think via our Discord server!

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