November 18, 2022

Decimated Development News #2

Decimated Development News #2

We're back with another roundup of development news. Remember to follow our Twitch channel for regular live streams and even more detailed updates!

New assets, materials, and textures have been added to the game world across several locations. Additionally, environment assets have been optimized to improve FPS and game stability. And on the gameplay front, we've introduced jetpacks and solved a number of inventory and game manager issues.

Following that, we started development on new characters, which includes the concept art seen below, as well as supporting work for character rigging and skin system.

The apartments feature has received a polishing pass for the items system. First and foremost, we've improved grid-snapping and added smaller increments for item rotation mechanics. Input keys and bindings were also added, as well as texture categories. On top of that, we addressed issues with item duplication and wall rotation.

We are also continuing the vehicle system's research and development phase. We discussed and drafted the production pipeline, and defined vehicle tech requirements and limitations, which should streamline future development efforts. The concept of the vehicle customization system is also complete, and we can't wait to start making it a reality! For the time being, we're excited to share a few more vehicle concepts with you, this time showing several types of motorbikes:

The game engine has also undergone some backend work as well as interface fixes and improvements.

Stay tuned for more, and share your thoughts on our Discord server!

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