October 13, 2023

Decimated Development News #16

Decimated Development News #16

Hey, Decimators! We're back with another exciting update on the progress of Decimated. Here's a glimpse into the recent development updates.

Game World & GamePlay

  • Added commercial buildings (feat. Business Ownership (not available in Alpha).
  • Added hologram signs and graffiti.
  • Added warehouse module kit for the industrial area to the assets library.
  • Added visual and tech art improvements to Mega City, Area 06, and Container City.
  • Tweaked surface details of roads and bridges, adapting for smooth road blending
  • Reworked interiors for industrial walkways.
  • Added improvements to Character Movement sounds, feat. prone, walk, and jog mechanics.
  • Added tweaks to sound/animation sync.
  • Added jetpack sounds (tweaks needed).
  • Added improvements to parkour mechanics preventing unintended climbing.
  • Added and switched to Linux on the server.
  • Added and tested the ability to ship to Epic Games Store.
  • Added and continued development of consumables (feat. Character Stats).
  • Optimized tick rate of dropped items and vehicles.
  • Optimized player controller logic limiting to abilities meant for Alpha only.
  • Fixed issues related to Playfab inventory.
  • Fixed issues related to water, aiming, and parkour.

Let’s start today’s journey with Container City. We have worked on commercial buildings that breathe life into this urban landscape. Vibrant hologram signs, striking graffiti, and realistic material blending make the city feel more alive than ever. To enhance the industrial area, we've also developed a warehouse module kit.

Moving to the heart of industry in Decimated, work on Factory and Refinery Area is in full swing. The second pass for Area 06 is underway, with benchmark assets enhancing industrial interiors and structures. Attention to detail extends to the industrial walkways, ensuring alignment with the overall aesthetic.

Going underground the surface, the Decimated’s tunnels are receiving a makeover. Re-baked Runtime Virtual Textures (RVTs) enhance visuals while adding details to small roads to make them feel like a part of the world. The terrain is sculpted for smooth road blending, ensuring seamless transitions. We're also working on repairing and creating new concrete bridge sections, so your driving experience can remain seamless at all times.

Sound design plays a pivotal role in Decimated. We've created and integrated prone sounds, adding depth to your character's movements. Walk and jog sounds have been updated for a more realistic auditory experience. Synchronized sounds now accompany various movements, making your interactions with the environment more realistic. When it comes to your high-flying adventures; we're still working on jetpack sounds.

Beyond these visible changes, we've been working on numerous improvements. Parkour mechanics have been fine-tuned to prevent unintended climbing, ensuring responsive gameplay. Optimizations have been made to tick rates to boost FPS, guaranteeing a fluid gaming experience.

Soon, Decimated is going to be available on the Epic Store, bringing the game closer to your fingertips and new audiences. Our dedication to improving the Playfab inventory system has paid off, resolving various issues and ensuring your items are always at your disposal.

Last but not least we are super excited to share that we've introduced a new in-game Sandstorm weather effect, adding a layer of excitement and strategy to your survival journey. More details to be shared soon!

Vehicles & Driving

  • Added a few more vehicle cameras (so Players can change perspective once in a while).
  • Added smooth animations of getting in/out of vehicles.
  • Added improvements to passenger mechanics.
  • Added single mesh vehicles for multiplayer performance testing.

Moving into our Vehicles department; we set the wheels in motion with a solid foundation by creating clear guidelines for working on vehicles, ensuring a unified and efficient approach across the board. Now, the guidelines are reviewed and updated to reflect the most recent findings and experience.

To keep things organized and streamlined, we harmonized the structure of all vehicles, making them easy to navigate and understand. Cameras are being seamlessly integrated into vehicles, providing you with a few different perspectives while behind the wheel.

We paid attention to the little details, like checking the size of characters getting into vehicles and creating documents to aid in vehicle collisions. Streamlining the process, we reduced the number of elements required to draw wheels on vehicles, making them look and feel just right.

We're continually refining our vehicle guidelines, ensuring that every ride in Decimated is something you’re looking forward to. We've also made significant improvements in animations for getting in and out of vehicles, adding head cameras for both drivers and passengers. Technical optimizations like adjusting vehicle ticks are in progress to ensure smooth performance. 

Characters & Weapons

  • Added a vest and mask for the new Cop outfit.
  • Added a new state for the character called "Lame".
  • Started working on Grenade Launcher.

We've recently introduced a full Marauder character, complete with a distinct look and feel. This included a brand-new Marauder outfit that exudes the rugged, survivalist vibe you've come to expect from Decimated.

For those craving law and order, we've got you covered too. The finishing touches have been applied to a vest and mask for the new Cop outfit. Whether you're playing as a Marauder or a Cop, your character's appearance will reflect your chosen path in this harsh world.

But it's not all about looks. We're diving into the arsenal as well. The development of a grenade launcher is in progress, promising explosive encounters and tactical gameplay. Character stats have been fine-tuned to ensure a balanced and engaging experience for all players. To add a new layer of challenge and strategy, we've introduced a state called "Lame" for characters, keeping you on your toes and forcing you to adapt to unexpected obstacles.

Please keep in mind the game is still in the middle of development.

Until next time. Stay vigilant, stay bold, and stay Decimated!

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