November 16, 2023

Development And Integration Of Advanced Payment And Trading Systems For Decimated

Development And Integration Of Advanced Payment And Trading Systems For Decimated

Decimated is a AAA post-apocalyptic survival game (with blockchain features) with elements of cyberpunk. Within this environment, players engage in various activities, from exploring the vast landscapes to trading assets and building their digital presence.

Fracture Labs (a core company behind Decimated) collaborated with Blaize to integrate brand-new comprehensive payment and trading systems to enhance the gameplay and make in-game transactions seamless, improving the overall gamers’ experience.


The scope of our assignment with Decimated was comprehensive. We were tasked with integrating the Swipelux fiat-on ramp directly into the AAA Game. This essential step would empower players to acquire the project’s cryptocurrency using conventional fiat money efficiently. Following this, our team had to devise payment and user services that would operate in tandem with PlayFab as communication channel withthe central Game Server.

In addition to these, we had to construct a Webstore. This digital marketplace would be the hub for players to transact and purchase in-game items. Extending the trading capabilities, a P2P trading system was also on our agenda. This platform would enable players to trade directly with each other, enhancing their in-game economic experience.

Lastly, we aimed to weave in a secure yet user-friendly layer by integrating all these solutions with both non-custodial and custodial wallets. The custodial wallets would derive added security from Stardust, ensuring safe and hassle-free transactions for players.


The Microsoft Azure PlayFab service is the center of the Decimated game, serving as the main hub for player data and in-game activities. We combined this with a microservices setup, including the payment service, user service, and webstore, to facilitate in-game purchases and peer-to-peer trades. The Wallet Module acts as a bridge, interfacing with both non-custodial and Stardust-backed custodial wallets, simplifying in-game transactions for players.

The Swipelux Gateway was integrated to accommodate fiat-to-crypto conversions, offering players an intuitive route to acquire in-game cryptocurrency. Coupled with this, our Transaction Worker ensures swift and secure on-chain purchases. The User Service Interface on the Decimated website ties the entire system together, providing players with a streamlined onboarding experience.


The journey commenced with a Discovery phase involving the Solution Architect, Business Analyst, and UI/UX Designer. As insights poured in, the main development phase was ignited with a team comprising 2 Frontend Developers (PHP), 2 Backend Developers (Node.js), a UI/UX Designer, a Tech/Team Leader, a Project Manager, a part-time DevOps, and a part-time QA specialist.

With Agile methodologies, 2-week iterations were punctuated with visual demos, making the process transparent and dynamic. Main milestones included:

Integration of User services and synchronization with the PlayFab API.

Incorporation of the Fiat-on-ramp and token purchase system.

Integration with both custodial and non-custodial wallets.

Launch of the Webstore.


The primary challenge was integrating on-chain purchases that needed to be quick but without compromising security. Achieving a balance between speed and safety was pivotal. To address this, we implemented a dedicated worker approach for transaction processing. This ensured that transactions are processed efficiently, and the robustness and security standards remained uncompromised, protecting both the project and its users.


Our collaboration with Decimated birthed a multifaceted ecosystem. Players now had the ease of purchasing the project’s cryptocurrency, obtaining in-game items, and indulging in peer-to-peer trades. Moreover, we introduced a User service, offering players the convenience to join the game directly via the website.

All these enhancements converged to elevate the overall gaming experience, making transactions more secure and gameplay more immersive.

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