August 18, 2023

Decimated Development News #13

Decimated Development News #13

Greetings, Decimators!

We're back with another exciting update on the progress of Decimated.


  • Added new driving paths, junctions, and highways (including Houdini Pipelines).
  • Added new environment assets (construction cranes, lighting sets, towers) in multiple areas.
  • Updated data layers to accommodate rocks and other landscape props.
  • Updated water puddles to cover characters up to knee level (extra mechanics considered).
  • Updated foliage painting, sculpting, and materials in use.
  • Performed optimizations of collisions considering gameplay (parkour) metrics across the map.

First, let's talk about the environment, where the magic truly happens. We've been on a mission to enhance the visual appeal and realism of every corner of Decimated. From the rustling leaves to the bushes and grass, we've meticulously updated the foliage through painting, sculpting, and material work.

That's not all—let's shift gears and talk about gameplay enhancements. We’ve recently introduced the Roads Placement Tool powered by Houdini. This powerful tool allows us to design and implement roads seamlessly, ensuring that your journey through the city and beyond is smooth and effortless. No more getting lost in the wilderness—let the roads guide your path.

Additionally, our team has made significant progress in various areas, including Container Cargo, Container City, and Industrial Area with new environmental assets. We've given attention to every detail, from designing captivating tower structures and intricate windows to creating rich and immersive interiors and exteriors.

Optimizing the gameplay experience is always at the forefront of our minds. We're fine-tuning collisions, tweaking gameplay metrics, and optimizing wall elements geometry and materials to deliver an engaging experience for all Decimators. Our goal is to make every interaction feel immersive, smooth, and impactful.

Vehicles & Driving

  • Added new Car Skins.
  • Added improvements to textures and materials across all Vehicles.
  • Conducted research and development on half-tracked Vehicles.

Now, let's dive into the thrilling world of vehicles—we’ve been working tirelessly to bring you an exciting range of rides that will enhance your gameplay experience and make traversing the wastelands a thrilling adventure.

We've made great progress on the textures and meterails, completing the 3D models and applying the baked textures to ensure that every detail is true to our vision. In addition to the defaults, we’re preparing color variations that will allow you to customize your car to suit your style. While the texture sets for customization parts are still WIP, we're excited about the possibilities it will bring.

To ensure seamless integration, we've reviewed the car-body master materials, making necessary adjustments based on thorough analysis. This attention to detail ensures that the vehicles in Decimated not only look incredible but also behave realistically, providing an authentic driving experience. We can't wait to see you behind the wheel!

Our ambition doesn't end with conventional vehicles. Our team has embarked on research and development to bring you the excitement of half-tracked vehicles. These unique rides will add a new dimension to your gameplay experience, allowing you to conquer even the most challenging terrains with ea


  • Finished Marauder Male #1 and now on to the female version.
  • Finished Sniper (M/F) outfits including texture variations.

We're happy to announce the completion of the male version of the first Marauder costume. Our artists have poured their hearts and souls into creating a visually stunning outfit that captures the essence of the Marauder character. We're already hard at work on the female version, ensuring that both male and female players can rock this epic attire.

In addition to the Marauder costume, we've also wrapped up the development of the Sniper outfits for both male and female characters. These outfits exude a sense of stealth and precision, perfect for those intense sniper missions. With different texture variations, you'll have the freedom to customize your character and make them truly unique.

Whether you prefer to blend into the shadows as a Sniper or embrace your inner Marauder, Decimated offers something for everyone.


  • Added improvements to Apartment System tools.
  • Added Apartment Interior blockout options.

A significant addition in the Apartment System tools that help us design apartments in the game. With its intuitive interface and extensive features, we are able to create more detailed and realistic living spaces that will captivate your imagination (fingers crossed). This is a long journey, however, these tools won’t come out of development for quite some time (definitely not for the Closed Alpha release).

We dove headfirst into the interior blockout process, meticulously crafting each furniture piece to ensure the utmost authenticity. From the cozy living areas to the functional kitchens and stylish bedrooms, you will be able to decide on the style of your own virtual living space.

Of course, as with any project, revisions are a vital part of the development process. We took the time to revisit our Apartment System, implementing updates and improvements based on testing and feedback. This ensures that when you step into your virtual home, you'll experience the highest level of immersion and satisfaction. The future is uncertain, but in the comfort of your virtual home, you'll always have a place to call your own.

Keep in mind all the screenshots were made in-game as we are working towards Closed Alpha.

Together, we will survive, thrive, and shape the future in Decimated!

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