November 09, 2022

Decimated Development News #1

Decimated Development News #1

Welcome to our first development blog about Decimated!

With our team rapidly growing and the game entering full-scale production, we wanted to start bringing you regular written updates in addition to our weekly live streams. If you haven't yet − you can follow us on Twitch for the latest news and information.

We’ve been hard at work developing new features and resolving known issues with the game world and play mechanics. To begin, we expanded on the shooting components of Decimated by adding new weapon slots with slot-switching functionality, as well as hitscan mechanics and additional animations for weapons, characters, moving targets, and camera shake. To polish that off, we resolved issues with weapon firing, camera distance, and replication. The foundational implementation of the user interface has also been completed.

The character system has been refined even further with the addition of morph targets for facial customization, several ethnic types, and solutions for subsurface scattering issues.

The development of the apartments system has begun with the introduction of an object library with a search menu, which enables organization through a system of categories and subcategories. The library has a number of interactive and dynamic elements already, such as electronics and lights.

The new object placement system for apartments comes with rotation, spawning, and removal functions, as well as some reasonable constraints and rules for item placement. To help with placement guiding, ghost mesh visualization has been implemented. Players will be able to navigate the apartment in either first- or third-person mode.

The vehicles are being rebuilt from the ground up, and we have just begun research on vehicle physics, dynamics, and customization systems to assist future development. Meanwhile, have a look at the concept art below for a couple pick-up truck types we want to introduce in the future:

We've also made improvements to the game's backend, created internal tools for game designers, and started working on the DIO vesting and staking portal.

That’s all we have for now! Let us know what you think via our official Discord server, and don’t forget to follow us on social media to stay up to date!

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