January 06, 2019

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Whitepaper Browser Version


A post-apocalyptic online survival role-playing game with a blockchain based economy


This version: 27th November 2018.

Last revised: 19th December 2021.

Written by:
Fracture Labs Development Team


We are creating an online multiplayer sandbox game where players must use skill and intelligence to harvest resources, trade with other players, and survive in a hostile apocalyptic environment. DECIMATED is an online multiplayer sci-fi survival game that we are developing in Unreal Engine 4 (Unreal Engine 5 from 2022) to achieve this massive scale, and meaningful persistence.

There are two factions of players: human citizens and cyborg cops, both of whom are played by real people.

We are using blockchain technology to manage in-game trading, digital scarcity and ownership of virtual items, which will be stored in the players in-game wallet. Our digital token is called ÐIO and can be earned or scavenged in-game, used to buy, sell or trade virtual items, upgrades and customizations.

DECIMATED will incentivize exploring and scavenging the environment, looting, missions and working for reward. Players can compete against each other, or cooperate to complete objectives and perform jobs in-game - as good citizens, or rogue citizens. All virtual items from clothing, weapons, construction equipment and technology will have value on the market, and can be traded with other players or in virtual shops.


Fracture Labs  is a Limited Liability Company, created in 2018 specifically to create an online videogame with a blockchain based economy.


A full list of current employees can be seen on our website team page or company linkedin profile.



Earth has been abandoned after hundreds of years of destructive climate change and catastrophic neglect of the environment by corporations and industry. Political and social unrest has left the old cities decimated and hostile to life. Civilization has collapsed and destroyed itself.

Only obedient first-class citizens were permitted onto the new world. The unworthy who were left behind - criminals, dissidents, and the poor - scavenge in the forgotten cities of the old world, which have become overgrown with jungle, flooded by swamps, swallowed by sand, and frozen by ice. Pollution and technological debris litter the environment, and survivors have set up shelter in destroyed skyscrapers, laboratories, abandoned metros, and crumbling freeways.

The world is inhabited by criminals, pirates, bounty hunters, slavers, cannibals, mutated creatures, genetic experiments, and malfunctioning robots, all competing for resources and territory.


The game will be a 3rd person Player vs Environment (PvE) & Player vs Player (PvP) game in a persistent online world, on a planned 64km² map that can be crossed by land, sea, and air vehicles. Players can switch to 1st person at any time, such as when aiming with a weapon.

DECIMATED will be a competitive and cooperative online game, where players can choose to play a human citizen or a cyborg cop, policing the area.

All players will begin as human citizens and can be whitelisted to play a cyborg cop if they have been playing by the rules of the game, and passed their training. There will be ranks to be promoted to as a cop, but breaking the law or not performing duties will result in demotion, and potentially being blacklisted temporarily or permanently from playing on the cop side.

Players can salvage technology, repair vehicles, find cryptocurrency, build bases, fortify shelters, and trade in this hostile post-apocalyptic environment. Enemies include other players trying to survive, plus NPCs such as malfunctioning robots, bio-monsters, and mutated creatures.

Players can earn DIO by:

- exploring and salvaging cryptocurrency and technology
- Undertaking legal or illegal jobs with varying risk/reward
- hijacking shipments/ambushing convoys
- escorting shipments and protecting them
- collecting bounties by imprisoning/killing players and targeting NPC's
- breaking prisoners out of imprisonment for a reward
- buying/selling/trading items to other players or on the virtual market

Missions will spawn around the map, attracting players from all directions, and the last man or last clan standing will get the loot.

Players will have to find food, water, and in some cases, oxygen to survive. Food and water can be found around the environment and in dispenser machines.

If players are injured, they will have to treat their wounds or risk bleeding to death. Players can treat each other and help recover from injury, however, they can become addicted to medication and their performance and judgment will be affected by their addictions.

If you die in the game, you will respawn with limited items. There will be safes and safehouses where players can store items and respawn from custom locations.

Players will also be able to offer rewards to others for co-op missions, breaking prisoners out of jail, collecting bounties, etc. Players can create groups to attempt missions. Each group member will be assigned a split of the loot, provided they survive to the end or are not betrayed by other players.

Players will be able to spray graffiti tags around the environment to mark their territory. We believe that this will give players creative input into how the game world looks, which will develop over time on each server. Of course, tagging will be considered an offense by the cyborg cops, so players will have to do this discreetly.


Green zones are safe areas that are heavily controlled by cyborg cops. It is illegal to injure, rob, or kill other players in this zone, so it’s the perfect place for players to transfer tokens to/from their wallets, buy licenses, or socialize with other players. There will be low-risk, low-reward jobs in and around the green zones.

Red zones are designated areas where players can rob, fight and kill each other. These are usually in the high-risk, high-reward areas, and usually where more experienced players will travel through in order to hijack shipments, hold up other players, take hostages, or other illegal activities.


The game will feature a build system to allow players to modify and fortify existing areas of the map, or construct entirely new buildings using modular components such as walls, windows, doors, pillars, stairs, fences, and decorations. Components will have varying levels of damage resistance, so other players will be able to attack bases, damage them, and potentially conquer them.

Building components can be scavenged from around the map, or purchased in the marketplace.


Once bases have been built, ownership and permissions can be assigned. Only owners will have permission to make modifications inside a controlled area.

Our game will allow ownership of property and custom-built safehouses. Abandoned buildings in the wastelands will not be purchasable, but by fortifying floors or buildings, or building fences around them, players can limit access only to authorized players. Properties will have safes and storage boxes to store virtual items such as weapons, ammo, armor, and other virtual items. These will be cryptographically locked so that other players cannot hack them.


Players will start on foot unless they have purchased virtual items in advance and will be able to find and repair vehicles, or purchase them from other players and trading posts. Vehicles will include traditional wheeled vehicles, hovering vehicles, flying vehicles, and water vehicles. Players will also be able to pay NPC’s to fast travel to other locations.


Decimated is a real-time multiplayer action-adventure game where players will have to use skill and intelligence to survive, cooperate with or compete against other players.

The game will be free to play, but players will start with nothing unless they earn or buy DIO, in order to progress further. Players can use DIO to buy their first license, vehicle or weapon, and will have to find paid work to progress.

As well as the challenge of surviving in a harsh environment, meeting other players and choosing to cooperate or fight each other, each player can pay real money, earn money while playing, and exchange into real money later by auctioning their virtual assets to other players.

Territory can be fought for, and certain areas of the map will be possible to buy with DIO, such as city apartments. Players will be free to sell their apartments to other players at any time.


We are creating a huge open world map that will span 64km² of a cyberpunk-influenced apocalyptic world. The environment will include crumbling cities, deserts, wastelands, caves, and safe zones fortified by cyborg cops. Players will be free to explore this vast area, scavenge, trade, build or complete missions. Players can refuel their vehicles at hydrogen stations, collect resources from mines, quarries, and landfills, and process those resources in factories. Cops will stop and search players suspected of criminal activity, and criminals will be sent to detention centers or PvP deathmatch arenas around the map.


Players and NPCs in the game will be friendly, or hostile. Player status and reputation will be stored on the blockchain, and in their offline wallet, and other players / NPCs will react accordingly.

On starting the game, players will be a citizen trying to survive in the world, but after the player has progressed through the game, provided they play by the rules, they can be whitelisted to play as cyborg cops.

Cops must undergo training before being assigned to duty. Players begin as a cadet and will be given training missions, to teach them about the rules. Their job is to catch criminals and police the wasteland. Cops will be able to communicate with each other via VOIP channels, to alert each other of citizens breaking the law.

The cops will set up checkpoints, interrogate citizens, penalize citizens, confiscate contraband, catch criminals and incarcerate them. There will be cash rewards for catching criminals, such as bounties on bandits and murderers.

If citizens get incarcerated, they can ask other players to break them out of jail for a reward.

Armed cops will be able to deliver non-lethal or lethal shots to civilians, and take citizens into custody if they are a suspected of a crime or do not possess the correct license and registration for their vehicle, weapon or commodity that they are transporting. Licences can be revoked by the cops if players are breaking the law.

Both cops and citizens can purchase technological upgrades for their characters for extra strength, agility, stamina or perceptive ability. Both will be able to level up their character and capabilities the more experience they get.

Citizens will be able to choose to do low risk, low reward, or high risk, high reward missions.


Players can get injured and will need to be healed with certain pharmaceuticals or by medics, which could be played by other players or NPC’s. Untreated injuries will result in poorer performance and sometime death.

Damaged limbs can be healed with stem cell regeneration fluid, or player can equip their body with cyborg augmentations to enhance their performance.

We will include mutations so players could take chemicals that will affect their performance and appearance in positive and negative ways.


The game is being created in Unreal Engine 5, using the most up to date physically based rendering (PBR), real-time raytracing (RTX) with photogrammetry assets. We will be creating a hyper-realistic game world, with lifelike characters, creatures and environments. Textures will use dynamic shaders for snow, sand, water and other environmental effects, that will change according to the weather. We are using procedural systems like Houdini to create landscapes, buildings, roads, bridges, tunnels and props scattered around the environment.


Decimated will run on multiple AWS servers around the world with a centralized back-end database for player stats, while DIO activity will be executed through the Solana blockchain, to enable peer-to-peer trading and enable digital scarcity of virtual items.

We will use smart contracts with a decentralized name/value store built directly into the blockchain.

Blockchain technology provides many advantages to the videogame industry:

It provides unprecedented levels of security
It mitigates hacking, fraud, and manipulation of the database
It can be used for peer-to-peer transactions without the need for a 3rd party
It can be used to store ownership of virtual items
It can be used to create digital scarcity


There will be one type of token in our game, which will be called DIO represented by the symbol Ð, and based on the Solana blockchain which we will integrate into Unreal Engine to enable digital currency and digitally scarce virtual items that players can buy, sell and trade with each other.

Our currency is to act as the main means of exchange inside the Decimated videogame, and what will give value to all other items in the game. So the price of a vehicle, a weapon or a consumable will be reflected in DIO.


Each player can use their preferred digital wallet of choice linked to their account (such as Phantom or Solflare), but we have an in-game digital wallet which can be used to store digital currency and profile pictures (PFPs). 


The DIO token economy is centered around a continuous circulation of tokens between the Decimated world and the ecosystem’s participants, aiming at a highly liquid token.

The economy is designed to manage the inflow and outflow of virtual tokens and items, taking all types of gameplay into consideration.

The maximum supply of DIO Tokens has been minted in a single genesis block, with a total supply of 1,000,000,000 (1 billion). Unlike other online games which generate virtual money or loot every time an NPC or monster is killed, in DECIMATED, the DIO token is recirculated into the economy when it is spent, and there is a finite amount.

The player can earn this token by playing the game, salvaging the environment and doing paid missions added by other players or the development team.

Players can do missions alone or in co-op groups. Groups can be formed through the user interface, and mission reward tokens will be divided equally between the players in the group, provided they survived to the end of the mission. We plan to integrate a system whereby players can join a group and agree on a share of the rewards for completing missions. It will also be possible for players to betray each other, so there will always be an element of uncertainty when playing with "friendly" players.

Players will be rewarded DIO tokens in the following circumstances:

- buying tokens in-game, on our website or exchanges
- successfully completing missions
- looting the environment
- killing other player and some NPC's

Players will be debited DIO in the following circumstances:

- repairing weapons, vehicles or bases
- being killed by other players and NPCs
- paying for fast travel to other locations
- transactions fees with vendors and other players
- fines from in-game authorities


Players will be able to buy and sell a number of virtual assets in our integrated trading platform. While many common items like ammo and consumables will not be rare, certain items like vehicles, weapons, character customizations and legendary items may be.

We will create and sell high quality, digitally scarce items during development and for several years after launch on a regular basis. Gamers will be able to purchase these items, customize their own vehicles, weapons and characters, and a unique token address will be assigned to them when they leave the Decimated world. When we run auctions on certain items, such as rare ships, we will set a deadline for players to bid on each item, and the highest bidder will win the item at the end of the auction, ownership will be assigned, and he/she will be able to use it in game, customize it, or trade it with other collectors.


We will be using a fraud prevention system that verifies the legitimacy of registered email addresses on our platform. Email addresses will be scanned using an AI driven risk assessment. Email addresses with a high risk score will be excluded from participating in the game and connecting their wallets. This is to mitigate hackers, scammers and bots that ruin the experience for real players.


We will integrate a payment system so players can easily make purchases. DIO will be used to post paid missions to other players, or buy, sell and trade virtual items, such as character customizations, item upgrades or equipment to build an fortify a base.


Every player will have their own dedicated user profile area containing an overview of their scores, play times as well as other relevant player information. In addition, the profile contains the following information:

  • Rank level
  • Challenge statistics
  • Live performance
  • Missions Completed/Failed
  • DIO Token Balance
  • Inventory
  • Crimes Committed
  • Bounties Collected
  • and more


To encourage people to join our community and play Decimated, we will issue token airdrops and bounty rewards during development and after the game is released. We will also incentivize gameplay by offering daily rewards for playing, whereby players will need to complete daily tasks to earn more DIO.


40% of the entire token volume will be reserved for play-to-earn gameplay, airdrops and in-game rewards.
13% will be reserved for the core team. The percentage is divided between an ever-growing team to develop the entire project.
15% will be sold in a 4 stage sale.
20% will be used for marketing.
10% will be used for liquidity.
2% will be paid to advisors.

Vesting schedules:

The DIO seed round sold 50,000,000 tokens (5%). 2.5% are unlocked at TGE, a 60 day cliff, and they are vested for 18 months with a weekly distribution to all buyers.

The DIO strategic round sold 50,000,000 tokens at (5%). 3.75% are unlocked at TGE, a 45 day cliff, and they are vested for 15 months with a weekly distribution to all buyers.

The DIO private round sold 37,500,000 tokens (3.75%). 5% are unlocked at TGE, a 30 day cliff, and they are vested for 12 months with a weekly distribution to all buyers.

The DIO public round will sell 10,000,000 (1%). 10% are unlocked at TGE, a 14 day cliff, and they are vested for 3 months with a weekly distribution to all buyers.

the Team have a 6 month lock, 36 month vesting period, issued weekly The Marketing allocation is subject to 30 months vesting period, issued weekly The Advisors have a 3 month lock, 18 month vesting period, issued weekly


- conducting transactions on the blockchain network requires the network to be maintained in a functioning state
- transaction speeds decrease or fail to execute if there is considerable traffic
- irreversibility of transactions sent to the wrong address
- hackers trying to find exploits to defraud other users
- botting, macros, farming
- price manipulation
- clients packet sniffing and sending illegal packets, which in theory, could send false info to the blockchain
- as rewards would be tied directly into the valuation of the currency, many players would lose all motivation or even quit playing completely in case of a sudden devaluation


- good server-side protection/validation to prevent packets being edited
- prevent hacking being done before it gets sent to the blockchain
- use safety measures to prevent transactions being sent to the wrong address
- focus on field testing incrementally to mitigate risk in known risk areas
- rapid iterative development to quickly assess challenges
- encourage legitimate gameplay by making cheating undesirable
- maintain the value of in-game cryptocurrency at a fraction of the value of real-world-money
- moderate the value of virtual items to realistic real-world prices

There are a host of cryptocurrency vulnerabilities that you need to be aware of. Hackers trying to hack wallets, phishing scams and fake accounts are the most common issues.


DECIMATED https://euipo.europa.eu/eSearch/#details/trademarks/017894455
DIO https://euipo.europa.eu/eSearch/#details/trademarks/017910234
Both trademarks are registered in Europe.


The purpose of this White Paper is to present the DECIMATED and DIO to video gamers. The information set forth below may not be exhaustive and does not imply any elements of a contractual relationship. Its sole purpose is to provide relevant and reasonable information to potential players in order for them to determine whether to undertake a thorough analysis of the company.

Nothing in this White Paper shall be deemed to constitute a prospectus of any sort or a solicitation for investment, nor does it in any way pertain to an offering or a solicitation of an offer to buy any securities in any jurisdiction. This document is not composed in accordance with, and is not subject to, laws or regulations of any jurisdiction, which are designed to protect investors.

DIO is not a security, commodity, or any other kind of financial instrument and has not been registered under the Securities Act, the securities laws of any state of the United States or the securities laws of any other country, including the securities laws of any jurisdiction in which a potential token holder is a resident.

DIO cannot be used for any purposes other than as provided in this White Paper, including but not limited to, any investment, speculative or other financial purposes.

DIO confers no other rights in any form, including but not limited to any ownership, distribution (including, but not limited to, profit), redemption, liquidation, property (including all forms of intellectual property), or other financial or legal rights, other than those specifically set forth below.

Certain statements, estimates and financial information contained herein constitute forward-looking statements or information. Such forward-looking statements or information involve known and unknown risks and uncertainties, which may cause actual events or results to differ materially from the estimates or the results implied or expressed in such forward-looking statements.

This English language White Paper is the primary official source of information about Decimated and DIO. The information contained herein may from time to time be translated into other languages or used in the course of written or verbal communications with existing and prospective customers, partners etc. In the course of such translation or communication some of the information contained herein may be lost, corrupted, or misrepresented. The accuracy of such alternative communications cannot be guaranteed. In the event of any conflicts or inconsistencies between such translations and communications and this official English language White Paper, the provisions of this English language original document shall prevail.

This whitepaper was written by Fracture Labs. To the best of our knowledge, the information contained in the whitepaper is in accordance with the facts, and makes no omission likely to affect its import.


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