May 27, 2024

Where to buy DIO

Where to buy DIO

DIO is the in game currency for Decimated. It is used to purchase in-game items such as vehicles, weapons, character customizations and consumables such as food, water, ammo and fuel. DIO will also be rewarded for completing missions in Decimated, enabling play-to-earn mechanics.

It is possible to buy DIO prior to the official launch of the game.

Here is where DIO can be purchased:

The direct link to buy DIO with USDT is:

Simply connect your Solana wallet (Phantom, Solflare, Sollet, etc), make sure you have USDT to buy DIO and SOL to pay for the transaction fee. Here is a simply tutorial:


The direct link to buy DIO on Gate is


The direct link to buy DIO on Huobi is


Jupiter is a decentralized Solana exchange. The direct link to buy DIO is

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