August 30, 2022

Invite A Friend Discord Contest

Invite A Friend Discord Contest

Decimators! We are excited to launch a much-anticipated Invite A Friend contest! Starting today, discord members will gain rewards and benefits for bringing their friends to become one of the decimators!

To take part in the contest, make sure to join our discord community: Decimated Official (

Event Description

During the event, you can invite people using your custom invite link. The more people you invite, the more chances of winning the top prize. Please note the invite leaderboard will reset prior to starting the contest.

  • To start, make sure to create a custom invitation link, by clicking on the Decimated server banner and choosing the Invite People option.
  • When creating an invite, make sure to click Edit invite link at the bottom of the window and select expire after as never and max number of uses as no limit and then click generate a new link.
  • When your friend is invited, our bot in the channel invites will show the message with the exact amount of invites you have done so far.
  • Only real invites are going to count towards the prize. For the invite to be considered real it has to be successfully verified on the server by choosing one of the roles in the #pick-a-role channel (cyborg cop or human survivor).
  • To check on your invites, go to channel invites and write a command /invites. In the same channel, you will also be able to see a top invites leaderboard by typing /leaderboard.
  • Please make sure users you invite stay on the server - if they leave, this invite will not be counted towards your score.
  • The TOP 10 leaders of the invite contest will be automatically given 1k exp on the server, giving them the opportunity to reach a Veteran role faster. The veteran role will enable you to test a game with us, as well as give you access to many more channels and benefits such as exclusive giveaways.
  • If you advertise the Invite Your Friend contest on your social media, tag our profiles (Twitter: @decimated_game / Instagram: decimated_game / Facebook: Decimated Videogame) and use the hashtag #InviteDecimator so that we can promote your posts as well!

Event Duration

The event will start on 30.08 and finish on 26.09.22 at UTC midnight.


Any member of the discord community can participate in this event.


1st place - 1500 DIO

2nd place - 1000 DIO

3rd place - 700 DIO

+ 1k EXP for the top 10 members on the leaderboard! 

Lets grow the Decimated community together! Good luck!

- Decimated Team

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