May 19, 2023

How To Start Playing Decimated And Earning DIO [Japanese Community]

How To Start Playing Decimated And Earning DIO [Japanese Community]

Decimated is a survival RPG packed with PvE and PvP combat and survival elements. In addition to FPS and TPS, it is a notable web3 game that can be played with various game elements such as exploration of a vast open world, mission capture, and customization of vehicles and weapons.

In this article, we will explain not only how to start playing Decimated, but also how to purchase and redeem the in-game virtual currency DIO.

[Simple version] How to get started with Decimated:

1. Open a Coincheck crypto account

2. Open an account on Binance

3. Open Phantom Wallet

4. Transfer USDT from Binance to Phantom

5. Convert USDT to DIO with Raydium

What Is decimated? 

Name of the gameDecimated
Game GenreSurvival RPG
Release DateTBC
Official discord
Official Twitter
Steam Page
Telegram Group

PvE/PvP survival rpg

Decimated is a PvE and PvP competitive and cooperative survival RPG. Players can play the game in two factions, "Human Citizens" and "Cyborg Cops", and earn crypto DIO through map exploration, job requests, and rewards for jailbreaks.

Also, in the missions that appear on the map, you can compete with other players and earn loot if you survive to the end. In order to survive, you need to pay attention to survival factors outside of playing against the player, such as securing food and treating injured wounds.

Difficulty and rewards in the game zones


・ Low risk, low reward

・ Safe area controlled by cyborg cops

・ Actions that hurt other players are prohibited

・ Ideal for token transfer and purchase with other players


・ High risk, high rewards

・ Areas where fights between players occur

Decimated's game has "green zone", which is low risk, low rewards, and the "red zone" which is risky but has many more rewards. The Green Zone is a safe area controlled by cyborg cops and hurting other players is prohibited.

In the red zone, you can engage in battles and robberies and play against other players. While there are many rewards to be earned, there is an increased risk of the player becoming a victim himself, so if you cross the red zone, pay close attention to the actions of other players.

in-game currency dio


・ In-game virtual currency

・ Used to purchase items such as vehicles, weapons, and food

・ Earn by spending and mission rewards by moving the map (fast travel)

・ Exchange and purchase on the decentralized exchange Raydium

DIO tokens are in-game cryptocurrencies that can be earned mainly through mission rewards. The DIO you earn is used to buy vehicles, weapons, food, and more, as well as to move around the map. DIO can be converted to USDT on the decentralized exchange Raydium, and is also available on overseas exchanges Huobi and

DIO Contract Address

how to get started with decimated [JAPANESE COMMUNITY ONLY]

StepThings To Do
1Open Coincheck exchange account
2Buy cryptocurrencies with Coincheck
3Open Binance exchange account
4Transfer cryptocurrency to overseas exchanges
5Purchase and exchange the cryptocurrency you need 
6Open Phantom Wallet
7Send USDT and SOL to Phantom
8Convert to DIO with Raydium

Decimated can be played with no initial investment, but you need to open crypto exchange account to exchange the in-game currency, DIO, or buy NFTs.

To simplify the flow, once you have opened a domestic exchange→ opened an overseas exchange→ registered a phantom wallet→ transferred funds to the decentralized exchange Raydium to transfer the funds to buy DIO to the decentralized exchange Raydium, and you are ready to start the game.

step 1 - open coincheck exchange account

how to open an account

  1. 1. Create an account
  2. 2. Accept all requirements 
  3. 3. SMS authentication of phone number
  4. 4. Enter your personal information
  5. 5. Register your identity verification documents

To redeem the crypto DIO earned in the DECIMATED game, you need to open a crypto exchange. First, prepare funds to purchase DIO on overseas exchanges at domestic exchanges.

The purchase method on domestic exchanges is basically the same for all exchanges, so on this page, we will introduce how to buy and send money even at Coincheck, which is the No. 1 app download and easy to operate even for beginners. Click here to open a Coincheck account.

STEP 2 - buy cryptocurrencies on domestic exchanges


1. Deposit Japan Yen

2. Select a point of sale (purchase)

3. Select ETH from the currency display

4. Enter your ETH purchase quantity 

5. Click "Buy"

Once you've opened an account on a domestic exchange, buy cryptocurrency to fund your USDT purchases on Binance.

Major cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, are fine, but for those who are used to NFT games, Ripple (XRP), which has a low remittance fee, is popular. The author often uses Ethereum in NFT games, so I will buy Ethereum this time.



step 3 - Open Binance exchange account

how to open an account

1. Create an account with your email address

2. Enter your personal inforamtion

3. Submit identity verification documents

4. Face recognition and you're done! 

Overseas exchanges will open exchanges that handle USDT used for DIO cash. DIO is available on overseas exchanges Huobi and, but this time we will open Binance, which is popular on overseas exchanges. Click here for the tutorial on how to use Binance. 

STEP 4 - Transfer cryptocurrency to overseas exchanges

HOW TO transfer cryptocurrency:

1.  Tap the Coincheck money transfer screen

2. Enter "Binance Address"  as the destination

3. Enter the amount and tap "Next"

Binance is unable to deposit Japanese yen at this time. Therefore, you need to transfer the cryptocurrency purchased on the domestic exchange in advance to Binance. Transfer the "Ethereum" you purchased on Coincheck earlier to Binance.

If you make a mistake in the address of the destination (destination), you will lose the currency in which you sent the money. It is safe to try with the minimum amount first, confirm the transfer carefully, and then enter the value you actually wanted to send. The process will be completed in about 5~30 minutes after the confirmation. Click here to learn how to send money to Coincheck. 

How to check Binance address

1. Binance HOME screen upper right "Wallet"

2. Fiat and Spot" → "Deposit" at the top of the screen

3. Set the "Coin" input box to ETH

4. Set "Network" to ETH (Ethereum)

5. Copy "Address"

step 5 - Purchase and exchange the cryptocurrency you need 


1. Click "Wallet" at the top right  of the home screen

2. "Fiat and Spot"  -> "Convert" to the right of ETH

3. Change the destination cryptocurrency to USDT

4. Enter the quantity of ETH you want to exchange

5. Click "Preview conversion"

Use the currency you sent to exchange new cryptocurrencies. The method of buying (exchanging) virtual currency with virtual currency is called convert, so please remember it for the future.

This time, I exchanged the ETH I sent from Coincheck for USDT on Binance. We will also prepare a small amount of SOL in ETH to use SOL for gas fees when converting USDT and DIO on the decentralized exchange Raydium.

Step 6 - Open Phantom Wallet


1. View the Phantom official website

2. Select "Download" on the top of the screen (compatible with browser, IOS, Android)

3. Select a platform

4. Check & save your recovery phrase

5. Set password

Raydium, a decentralized exchange that converts the cryptocurrency DIO, requires a wallet (wallet for crypto assets). In this article, we will introduce the procedure for registering a phantom wallet recommended on the official website.

Phantom Wallet can be easily registered through "Download" on the official website. If you forget the default "password" and "recovery phrase", you will not be able to access it, so keep it in a safe place so that it will not be leaked to a third party.

STEP 7 - Send USDT and SOL to Phantom WALLET


1. Click "Wallet" at the top right of the home screen

2. Fiat and spot -> Withdraw

3. Set the "Coin" input box to USDT

4. Enter the address of the phantom wallet in the address

5. Enter the amount and click "Withdraw"

Cryptocurrencies converted from ETH to USDT/SOL are transferred to Phantom. If you enter an incorrect address on the Binance remittance screen, you will lose the cryptocurrency you sent, so be careful when entering the destination.

How to check the address of your Phantom Wallet

1. Go to your Phantom Wallet

2. You will find the address at the top of the window

STEP 8 - Convert To DIO with Raydium


1. View Raydium's swap screen

2. Select "Connect Wallet" at the top right of the screen

3. Choose a Phantom wallet

4. Select USDT from popular tokens in "From"

5. Enter the contract address of DIO in "To"

6. Enter the quantity of USDT you want to convert to DIO

DIO can be converted to USDT on the decentralized exchange Raydium. When you connect with Phantom Wallet on Raydium, the funds transferred from Binance will be reflected. When setting DIO as the conversion destination, be sure to enter the contract address of DIO.

DIO Contract Address

How to earn DIO in Decimated

How to earn DIOMission rewards
Defeat other players and NPCs
How to playExploration, looting, transporting cargo, collecting legal and illegal resources, capturing territories, building bases

The main way to earn DIO is through missions and defeating other players and NPCs. DIO can be earned through a variety of ways to explore, clean, and trade, as well as multi-element and versatile ways to distribute loot with allies in cooperative missions.

It should be noted that players may die from starvation, or bleeding, if they neglect to treat their injuries. You'll need to get food, water, and oxygen as you explore the map, so you'll need to keep in mind these factors while fighting other players.

buying and selling nft items

DECIMATED ALLOWS YOU TO EARN CRYPTO DIO BY BUYING AND SELLING EARNED VEHICLES, WEAPONS, AND CERTAIN ITEMS ON THE IN-GAME MARKETPLACE. In addition, some items, such as rare battleships, can be auctioned, so there is a possibility that you can make a big profit from a high bid.

Buying and selling NFT items also allows you to trade building parts that are available on the map. Buildings are important content in the game, such as changing and enhancing the area of the map, so if you have parts that you don't use in your buildings, such as walls, windows, doors, and pillars, it is recommended to list them and earn DIO. 

recommended exchanges to get started with decimatEd (japanese community)

1. coincheck

Overall Rating4.5 Stars
Number of currencies handled (sales offices)19 types
Number of currencies handled (exchanges)7 types
Referral commissionFree
Exchange feesFree
Smartphone AppAndroid

・ No. 1 in the number of downloads

・ The app is easy to use for beginners

Operating CompanyCoincheck Corporation
Official website

If you are from Japan and want to get started with Decimated, Coincheck is the best way to go. It is reliable with the No. 1 track record of app downloads, the operation method of the app is intuitive and easy to understand, and it is easy to handle even for beginners who are using cryptocurrency exchanges for the first time. Open the account here

2. GMO Coin

Overall Rating4.5 Stars
Number of currencies handled (sales offices)20 types
Number of currencies handled (exchanges)22 types
Referral commission Free
Exchange fees Selling: -0.01% or -0.03%
Buying: 0.05% or 0.09%
Smartphone AppAndroid
Features ・ The number of currencies handled is No. 1 in Japan, many transactions are free of commission, and it is highly reliable because it is a GMO Group
Operating CompanyGMO Coin Inc.
Official website

If you want to reduce the fees as much as possible by managing your funds with DECIMATED, GMO Coin is recommended. GMO Coin is overwhelmingly more profitable than other exchanges because there are Ripple and Ethereum exchanges and there are no transfer fees. Open the account here

we also recommend exchanges where you can get virtual currency and cash for free

CoincheckBTC gift worth 1,500 yen: Click here for campaign details for all ▶ those who deposit Japan yen
DMM BitcoinGet 2,000 yen immediately: Click here for campaign details for everyone ▶ who opened an account
Line BitmaxLINK gift worth 100 yen: Click here for campaign details for everyone ▶ who opened an account

Recommended exchanges for opening an account are exchanges where you can receive cash or cryptocurrency just by registering an account and making a deposit. Coincheck and DMM Bitcoin in particular are great deals, so you want to take advantage of the campaign as much as possible.

Opening an account on the exchange is completely free of charge. Exchanges that hold campaigns are only advantageous to open multiple exchanges, so if you have time, let's get started.


1. Can you get started with Decimated for free?

Yes, Decimated is free to play.  

2. How much can I earn while playing Decimated?


3. What is the initial cost of Decimated?

Decimated has no initial cost. However, there is a possibility that you will earn or lose your tokens while playing. 

4. Can Decimated be played on a mobile phone?

At the moment, you can't play Decimated on a mobile phone. The game is scheduled for release on PC, and later it's going to be released on console & mobile phones. 


Decimated is a web3 game packed with various elements such as PvE and PvP combat, survival, vehicles, weapons, and building customization. Set in a vast open world, players compete against enemies in a third- or first-person manner with the goal of surviving.

Players can choose between two factions: Human Citizen and Police Cops, so they can earn money according to their playstyle. It is recommended not only for FPS and TPS players but also for those who like open-world games.


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