June 27, 2020

Hover Vehicles, Grenades and Open World Gameplay

Hover Vehicles, Grenades and Open World Gameplay

Decimated weekly development updates: hover vehicle improvements, grenades, capture the flag gameplay and open world multiplayer gameplay running with Unreal Engine, Amazon Web Servers and SpatialOS, enabling 1000s of players per server and a persistent online world.

We are still in early stages of development, but eventually we will ask loads of youtubers such as pewdiepie, davie504, michael reeves, ksi, logan paul, linus, dunkey, h3h3, cr1tikal, dani, theodd1sout, pyrocynical, markiplier, jacksepticeye, pink guy, dunkey, VEGETTA777, Luccas Neto, VanossGaming, Ninja, DanTDM, MrBeast, GENIAL, AuthenticGames, PopularMMOs, Ali-A, TheWillyrex, Andrei Bedene, GameOnTom, Unbox Therapy, Willyrex, SQUEEZIE, Jelly, AM3NlC, FaZe Rug, IGN, Lachlan, MrSuicideSheep, iTownGamePlay, SSundee, Makiman131, Tfue, Kwebbelkop, Bay Area Buggs and more to play our game!

Subscribe to our youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/decimatedvideogame

Website: https://www.decimated.net

Discord: https://discord.gg/n9NNpHV

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