November 10, 2020

Decimated is Featured in Indie Gamer Mag

Decimated is Featured in Indie Gamer Mag

After some extensive underground development time, Decimated has finally resurfaced. And now the game is in full swing; it seems as though this momentous surge is gaining the title some decent traction within the multiplayer genre. Of course, the devs will be the first to confess just how early down the line they are development-wise. What with the game not expected to launch until sometime 2021? Even so, it appears as though, already, this early on, the game is garnering significant hype levels. And no wonder. Whether that be via its Discord channel, Twitter account, or frequent YouTube posts, Decimated's consumer-friendly approach to development, is bound to leave them in good favor with its fanbase.

Just look what it did for Cyberpunk 2077, and CD Projekt Red, as a studio. Although admittedly, much of that faith had been justly earned through The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. A great game on its own merit. Besides, accepting feedback as constructive criticism. You know, as opposed to blindly taking offense, is the first step towards making a game designed around fans' needs and desires. Sadly, that works counterclockwise to fulfilling the deep pockets of publishers. Which sometimes takes precedence. I shed a sad tear at the thought. Within areas of the AAA market, it can sometimes come across as though a game's quality of life is being shielded intentionally from the consumer pre-release. Perhaps as a deliberate ploy to exercise monetary practices, later. That could be my inner conspiracy theorist coming out, but who knows?

Part of the reason I love indie games is that generally speaking; I cannot account for all cases; of course, the intention is pure. And the heart, often, lies in the right place. Money is not the core incentive, but the bonus reward for making a worthwhile consumer experience. Or at least, that is the overtly emotional take of a die-hard indie fanboy. Hands up, who is with me?! But back to the topic at hand.

Decimated is an upcoming multiplayer online game set in a "post-apocalyptic cyberpunk world." Part of me thinks that may have some stiff competition. But I have been proved wrong before on countless occasions. At this point, who knows? The game is played via the third-person perspective, allowing you to choose between "human citizens and "Cyborg Cops."

Judging by this, PvP and PvE lie at the core of Decimated. Other than that, it looks like the option to forage resources, and build bases, for both defense and attack-minded purposes will also play a large part. With the option to trade gear with teammates, side quests in the form of bounties, and potentially lucrative looting prospects, Decimated could well make its mark on the genre, after all.

Of course, we will not know how well it will fair until the game comes out. Each week, Decimated puts out a playtest on Twitch. And each time that happens, the team take another step closer towards consumer trust. And that can only signify a stern stride in the right direction. As it stands, other than the blanket term 2021. We do not yet have an exact release date. Make sure you stick with us for more intel on that as soon as it surfaces.

But for now, we have no option but to keep a close eye on the weekly trial. Lucky us! Be sure to head over to the Decimated Twitch channel for more live updates.

Special thanks to Jeff Porter at Indie Gamer Mag for the feature!
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