October 14, 2022

Decimated Introducing Discord Community Incentives

Decimated Introducing Discord Community Incentives

Everyone knows how much we appreciate our Decimated community members, and to show our gratitude we decided to reward the most engaged and active individuals by introducing discord community incentives. 

How to participate:

1. Join our discord - https://discord.com/invite/decimated

2. Take part in various server activities - post memes, play mini-games, invite friends, and many more!



1st place - 1000 DIO

2nd place - 500 DIO

3rd place - 300 DIO 


We want everyone to be able to take part and win some DIO, so there are many ways you can play. There will be a new chance to win more DIO every 2 weeks.

The top 3 scorers will win the warchest of DIO. Then the scoreboards are reset.

To earn points, all you have to do is complete various activities surrounding Decimated. Each activity has assigned number of points you will get for successful completion. 

Here's the list of all the activities:

  • Invite Contest Winner - 10 points

Invite the most valid new Decimators to Discord every 2 weeks and score big!

  • Over 9000 - 5 points

We will frequently host a variety of games/trivia to test that trigger finger. Be the overall high scorer of the event and win! We will check in frequently for new games to play together and time zones that suit everyone.

  • Meme Supreme - 3 points

Make us giggle with a Decimated themed meme and we will shower you with praise.

  • Heart Of Gold - 2 points

If someone new in the Discord chat and is all WTF is Decimated bruh? -  be a saint and guide them to the right places. No good deed goes unheeded here.

  • Social Butterfly - 2 points

Fancy yourself an influencer with your 14 followers eh? Find us good tweets to raid, tag us in a post or just give us a plug. Post your social activities in decimators so we can reward you!

  • Gift of the Gab - 1 point

Love the sound of your own voice? Trying to hit that elusive lvl 25? Start an engaging convo anywhere on the server and we acknowledge your relentless jabbering.

What are you waiting for? Join our discord server now --> https://discord.com/invite/decimated

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