March 19, 2024

Decimated CEO Interview by Paul Barron

Decimated CEO Interview by Paul Barron

Web3 and blockchain gaming is an emerging space that is gaining traction. One project building in this arena is Decimated, an open world survival game being developed for PC. Decimated CEO and Creative Director Stephen Arnold has over 16 years of experience in video game development. He started working on Decimated in 2017, seeing the potential for web3 integration into games early on.

After years of persistence, Decimated finally raised funding in 2021 to scale up development. The game is now in closed alpha with a community of testers helping refine the gameplay experience. Decimated is planning for a full launch by end of 2024, with a transition to live operations and post-launch content afterwards.

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Core gameplay loops draw inspiration from seminal survival games like DayZ with tense player versus player encounters. Death carries harsh penalties potentially resulting in loss of gear and assets. However, some rare bought items will remain protected to ensure fair play. Other gameplay elements like an unconscious state provides more chances for players to recover their inventory after taking damage.

On the technical side, Decimated has integrated Solana for its fast and low cost transactions to power components like its in-game token and NFT profile pictures. The game itself runs on more traditional server architecture, lowering blockchain complexity. There is still possibility to expand the backend and explore cross-chain support.

As the web3 gaming landscape matures, Decimated represents one of the most ambitious triple-A blockchain game projects out there. With its level of polish and established genre, it could help push more mainstream adoption and interest in blockchain mechanics intersecting with video games. The next couple years will be crucial to execute on this vision as more traditional gamers get exposure to the play-to-earn phenomenon.

Guest: Stephen Arnold - CEO & Creative Director , Decimated

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