A persistent online survival game
in a post apocalyptic world


What is Decimated?

A post-apocalyptic survival game with elements of cyberpunk.

Fight against or team up with other players, scavenge loot, transport cargo or VIP’s to other locations, collect legal or illegal resources and trade them, hunt legendary creatures, capture territory and build safehouses for their gang.

  • Winner - Best Game, Kiev Games Conference 2019
  • Finalist Best Game Pitch, Global Games Pitch 2021
  • Winner - Best Game, Global Games Pitch 2022
Scavenge supplies and compete against other players in a fight for survival


Earth has been abandoned after hundreds of years of destructive climate change, and catastrophic neglect of the environment by corporations and industries.

Political and social unrest has left the old cities decimated and hostile to life. Civilization has collapsed and destroyed itself, yet a cyborg police force still wields control over the wastelands.

The unworthy who were left behind – criminals, rebels, political dissidents and the poor – scavenge in the forgotten cities of Earth, which have become overgrown with jungle, flooded by swamps, swallowed by sand and frozen by ice.

Pollution and technological debris litter the environment, and survivors have set up shelter in destroyed skyscrapers, laboratories, abandoned metros and crumbling freeways. The cops enforce a totalitarian authority even after society is in ruin, forcing humans to live in the wastelands.

Players can choose to play PvP or PvE by salvaging resources, technology and digital currency, repairing vehicles, building bases, fortifying shelters, collecting bounties, ambushing, looting or trading in this hostile post-apocalyptic environment.

  • 3rd person survival RPG
  • Variety of roles and classes
  • PvP & PvE Gameplay
  • Dystopian cyberpunk world
  • Combat and salvage missions
  • Character Augmentations
  • Wide range of weapons
  • Huge selection of vehicles
  • Player‑owned apartments
  • Built in Unreal 5

Choose your role


Hackers are proficient at breaching doors, security systems, and augmentations as well as accessing encrypted data.

They can completely take over and control their victim for a short period of time through the use of hacking tech and remote access.


Endowed with cutting-edge Vanlith augmented hands, medics are capable of conducting surgeries of any complexity right on the battlefield. 

Medical Taki-Hano backpacks allow them to transport any necessary medications or supplies into combat.


Masters of a wide range of rifles and assault weapons as well as utility grenades, and can carry out sophisticated and timely eliminations anywhere.

Paired with Vanlith Exploration Helmet with 25x zoom and AI assistant will ensure optimal enemy detection.


Advanced Taki-Hano scanning gloves enable these specialists to quickly evaluate any casualty's possessions.

Their Vanlith Jetpacks provide a competitive advantage and unrivaled mobility, allowing them to infiltrate the combat zone and secure the cargo without getting caught.


Adoption of Taki-Hano core processors enables mechanics to operate repair drones that can reliably fix practically anything, from vehicles to personal equipment.

With a simple glance, bespoke Vanlith goggles allow for rapid and accurate diagnostics of any malfunctioning mechanisms. 

Cyborg Cop

Equipped with energy shields that offer exceptional defense against even the most well-equipped assailants.

Tasers and handcuffs are widely used by assault squads to restrain suspects. When paired with direct access to heavy combat weaponry and defense systems, no crime goes unpunished.


Utilizes state-of-the-art long-range combat augmentations and remote surveillance drones.

No stranger to adopting leaked top-secret Vanlith stealth tech, such as belts that are already available on the black market that allow the wearer to be temporarily invisible.

Bounty Hunter

Capable of gaining access to surveillance networks, drones, and criminal databases to easily identify targets even in a crowd.

Bounty hunters often prefer to incapacitate the target in order to obtain a higher reward. 

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